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Buying, owning and selling property involves costs and risks. The more reliable and unbiased information you have the better. Good information is the key to successful outcomes, which is why Spanish Property Insight offers you valuable information to help you reduce costs and risks whilst making better informed decisions quicker.

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Understanding the property market in Spain

Anyone buying or selling property in Spain needs to know where the real estate market is heading to make informed decisions. Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market? Are Spanish property sales going up or down? Are Spanish house prices rising or falling? And what about the segments and areas of most interest to foreign investors? It helps to have a good idea of the answers to these questions before you buy a property in Spain, or decide what your sales strategy and asking price should be if you are looking to sell a home in Spain. Spanish Property Insight offers market news and in-depth analysis of the latest Spanish property market data and trends, with no sales bias trying to push you one way or another. Spanish Property Insight is the only independent source of real estate market data and analysis in English that is completely independent of any sales agenda. Subscribe to Spanish Property Insight if you want valuable information and candid analysis of Spanish property market trends that can have a big financial impact on your investment decisions.

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Keep an eye on your property in Spain

Owning a property in Spain can be financially and emotionally rewarding, but it also means you have to protect your property from squatter gangs who take advantage of Spain’s squatter-friendly legal system to hold second-homes to ransom and extort money out of owners. The risk of extortion by squatters is not big, but it’s big enough to justify learning about it, and taking easy steps to reduce it. Here you will find in-depth information on the squatter risk in Spain, and what you can do about it.

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The threat of squatters in Spain, and how to keep an eye on your property in Spain

Everything you need to know about property in Spain

Read an unparalleled collection of articles by real estate experts on every subject of value to anyone with an interest in property in Spain. Along with articles on the Spanish real estate market and home security, there are also tips, guides, news, research and analysis of subjects ranging from property law to the rental market, from tax issues to foreign exchange, banking, residency and Spanish Golden Visas. If there is anything you want to know about property in Spain, or anything related to the Spanish property world, you’ve come to the right place.