Find out how many homes are sold in all Spain and its key regions and provinces (of interest to foreign investors) going back to 2007, broken down by different classifications like foreign buyers, or rural property sales. The tables and charts below given you the data and picture to understand the sales evolution of the Spanish property market over the last 15 years from boom to bust and back again. The data comes from the notaries, registrars, INE and government, and is updated monthly.

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This data page is all about home sales in Spain to give you an overview of the Spanish housing market. The tables and charts will answer the following questions:

  • How many homes are sold every month, quarter, half-year and year in Spain?
  • How many residential properties are sold in key regions and provinces of interest to foreign investors?
  • What is the year-on-year change in residential property sales, both nationally and regionally?
  • Which regions of most interest to second-home buyers and investors from abroad had the most sales in the latest period, and what was the annualised change?

This is the most comprehensive data page anywhere detailing residential property sales in Spain.

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