Property market data for Barcelona including home sales, house prices, and buyer origins, from a variety of sources.

For in depth analysis of the data see the latest Barcelona property market report.

This section of the Data Hub explores the property market in the Catalan capital with a view to increasing market transparency so that buyers and vendors make better informed decisions, and property professionals can advise their clients with the most comprehensive source of data on the housing market in Barcelona.

Below you will find links to data pages with the latest figures on key topics such as house prices, property sales, sources of demand, the rental market, and the supply of new homes in the city.

In common with the rest of Spain, foreign investors are frustrated by the lack of market transparency in Barcelona, and struggle to find data to help them inform their decisions to buy or sell property in the city. This section brings together all the public data to make it easier for investors, property-professionals and journalists to understand the housing market.

The data is gathered from a variety of public sources like Barcelona City Hall, the Housing Office of Catalonia’s regional government, the Spanish notaries’ association, the Spanish government, and trade bodies like builders’ and architects’ colleges, amongst others. SPI adds value by gathering the data from all these sources, bringing it together in standardised tables and interactive charts, and keeping it updated with the latest figures.

Barcelona property market data pages

The views from Francesc Macià 10 Barcelona

Rental Market

Barcelona Rental Market

Data on average rental prices, average prices in €/sqm, and the number of rental contracts signed in Barcelona. Data from City Hall (Ajuntament)

Francesc Macià 10 underground parking construction

Housing Supply

Barcelona Major Building Works Licences

The number of Major Building Works Licences (Licencias de Obra Mayor) requested and granted each quarter in Barcelona, data from Barcelona City Hall (Ajuntament).

Housing Supply

Barcelona Housing Starts

Barcelona housing starts based on planning applications recorded by the College of Technical Architects and Engineers and published by the regional government of Catalonia (Generalitat). Quarterly and yearly data.

property for sale in barcelona

House Prices

Barcelona House Prices

Barcelona city average asking price in €/m2 (monthly) and average sales prices (quarterly). Data from Idealista and notaries.

barcelona home sales data

Home Sales

Barcelona Home Sales

The number of homes sold in Barcelona each quarter, broken down by city district.