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A Guide to Buying Property In Spain

The only independent guide to buying property in Spain, free of all sales bias, and written with expert knowledge based on 20 years of experience talking to buyers, sellers, and property professionals.

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Owning Property in Spain

Guides and tips for Spanish property owners. How to get the most out of your property, reduce costs, and increase security

Building Surveys in Spain

Building surveys are an important part of any due diligence before buying a property in Spain. Read all about building surveys in Spain in this expert guide.

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Building and Renovating

Advice, tips and articles on the subject of building your own home or renovating an existing Spanish property.

A guide to buying rural property in the Spanish countryside like environmentalist and author Chris Stewart at his organic farm in the Alpujarras, where solar power is the only source of electricity

Buying Rural Property In Spain

Spain is a big empty country with some of the most dramatic countryside in Europe, and many rural properties tucked away in the Spanish countryside represent a dream lifestyle for people like the well-known author Chris Stewart who want to get away from it all. But buying rural property in the Spanish countryside presents its own risks and challenges. Read this section on buying rural property in Spain before you do anything else.

spanish mortgage loan guide

Spanish Mortgage Guide

Everything you need to know about Spanish mortgages before you start house-hunting in Spain. How does the Spanish mortgage application process work? What are the costs? How much can you borrow? What the the pitfalls? All your Spanish mortgage questions answered in this Guide to mortgages in Spain.

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Things You Need to Know about Spanish Lawyers / Solicitors

Some things it’s helpful to know before you hire a lawyer (abogado in Spanish) to do your due diligence and represent you in Spanish property transaction.

spanish golden visa residency by investment scheme

The Spanish ‘Golden Visa’ Residency by Investment Scheme

What is the Spanish ‘Golden Visa’ residency by investment scheme? How does it work? How much do you need to invest? How many family members can you include in your application? All your Spanish Golden Visa scheme questions answered.

short-stay holiday rental property in barcelona raval district

A Guide to Holiday-Rental Rules & Regulations Around Spain

Renting out a property in Spain on a short-stay basis to tourists is regulated at a regional level in Spain. In some regions like the Balearics, Canaries, and Barcelona, the rules are very heavy and restrictive. In other regions you can rent property to holiday-makers for short stays with very little interference from the authorities. Find out about the regulations in each region before you decide what to do.

tax audit luxury spanish property held in company structure

Tax Risks For Luxury Spanish Properties Held in Company Structures

Tax compliance check-ups for companies owning Spanish property, and using company structures to avoid tax

forex foreign currency exchange risks when buying property in spain

A Guide to Foreign Currency Exchange (Forex) When Buying or Selling Property in Spain

Foreign currency exchange movements can have a big impact on your numbers when it comes to buying or selling Spanish property. Find out how it works and how to reduce your currency exchange risks.

Other Spanish Property Guides

Legal matters relating to Spanish property
Taxes and pensions in Spain

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