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      We are trying to buy a property in Spain but have not been able to find the deeds for the land which the villa is built on. The villa was built in 2005 buy a local builder and the present owner has the deeds for the villa but not the land, it seems the builder did not transfer the deed for the ground and it has not been registered in the name of the present owner.

      Has anyone had a similar situation or can anyone advise on what to do to find out who actually owns the ground that the villa is built on ?

      Frustrated, is there a way of tracing the deed for the ground?

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      Mark Stücklin

      This sounds very fishy. In Spain you get deeds from the notary who holds them. You find that out from the land registry (registro de la propiedad). However, even if you find out that deeds for the land exist and which notary has them you can’t request a copy – only the vendor can do that. Sounds like more trouble than it’s worth. I would walk away.

      For more info see: Title deeds – Escritura

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      Dear Motormike, Please ask you lawyer to contact the builder or the lawyer of the builder or ask the builder for an authorisation for a check in the Land Registry by your lawyer. What you describe happens now and then, but can in most of the cases be solved.

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      Raquel Perez

      Its a very strange situation as normally the deeds of the property shows a description of the land where the property has been built on. You should apply for a land registry report in order to start finding out where is the issue. The details of the registration appears in the deeds of the property. Hope this helps.

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