Notaries report rising home sales and prices in Q2

spanish home sales and prices Q2 2016

The quarterly housing market report from the Notaries’ Association confirms the trend towards recovery, with home sales up 13.3% and house prices up 1.3% though with big regional differences.


Sales were up in all regions except Navarre and La Rioja, where they fell 20% and 2.7% respectively. They rose the most in the Balearics (+28%) and Catalonia (+25%). The map on the left above shows the annualised change in sales by region, with increases indicated in green (darker green indicating bigger increases), and declines in red.


The map on the right shows house price changes, with declines in red and increases in green. Prices rose the most in the Canaries (+8%), followed by Madrid (+5%), the Balearics (+3%), and Catalonia (+3%).

The overall picture is one of a stronger market in areas that benefit from foreign demand, like Madrid, the Mediterranean coast, and the islands.

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