Re: VenderDirect



I have read this topic with great interest as I have just purchased ap roperty form an owner advertising on VenderDirect, the very same property was listed with H20 Properties (whose offices are just down the road) for nearly EUR100,000 more!!

I have lived in Spain for many years and read the SUR, all the “agents” advertise for sales staff each week, so should we avoid them? Sales is what makes companies on the costa work!

I actually found by looking at a site called , this site is huge and Vender are the only non commission charging company listing properties on there as far as I am aware, and their properties are cheaper!

I was more surprised to see your reposnse to as when I looked at your profile, you appear to be attempting the same service yourself with your website, but you have no ranking at all on search engines and are not marketing your site anywhere as far as I can tell??!

Good luck private sellers, and good luck!!

Do I detect the green eyed monster!!???