Zero tolerance against real estate corruption

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      Well let’s hope she and her Gov’t get on with it pronto and kick out the ‘dodgy’ agents and their incestuous triangles involving some Developers and Lawyers who have been mentioned in the Press and on here.

      Will she get on with it? I doubt it, too much money involved!!!

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      Errm, municipal elections are only months away and foreigners can vote in them.

      It’s nothing more than political talk, take no notice.

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      I don’t pretend to have any knowledge of Spanish politics, but can all this really be brushed under the carpet?

      Marbella (GIL) – Operacion Malaya with the Town Hall dissolved and more than 60 arrests, including the real estate assessor to the town hall, Juan Antonio Roca, and the ex Mayors, Julian Muñoz and Marisol Yagüe.

      Other main cases in alphabetical order….

      Alicante (PP) where the Mayor Luis Díaz Alperi is accused of irregularities linked to the construction of three apartments.

      Andratx, Cala Moragues (PP) The Mayor has four judicial cases outstanding against him, one for authorising 16 blocks of homes to be built on protected land.

      Argoños and Arnuero, Cantabria (PP) 16 urbanisations face demolition after illegal construction. 2,500 people affected.

      Armilla, Granada (PSOE) where the town planning councillor, Gabriel Cañavete, resigned when figures showing how his assets had grown over the past six years were published in the press.

      Badajoz (PSOE) where 70 homes and a golf course have been built at Golf Guadiana, instead of the aparthotel which had permission.

      Barbate, Cádiz (PP) where a large development and golf course remain in construction despite prohibition orders.

      CabanasLa Coruña (PSOE) where the mayor has be banned from office for eight years after authorising the construction of homes along the coast. A socialist councillor saw his land double in value after reclassification.

      Camas, Seville (IU) where there are allegations of bribery. It’s alleged that a developer offered a house and 619,000 € for land to be reclassified to allow development. Two PP councillors implicated.

      Castalla, Alicante (PP) where more than 1,000 unauthorised homes have been admitted to have been built.

      Catral (PSOE) where 1,250 homes have been built in or close to a Nature Park.

      Cervera, Lérida (CiU) where the Ayuntamiento deputy secretary is under investigation following the mass reclassification of rustic to building land.

      Ciempozuelos, Madrid (PSOE) where two Socialist ex mayors are thought to have made 40 million € in commissions.

      Córdoba, (IU) where they Mayor Rosa Aguilar is accused of giving favoured treatment to the Sandokan construction company. The company is owned by Rafael Gómez, one of those implicated in the Malaya case.
      The construction of 240 villas close to the tenth century city Medina Azahara, near Córdoba, could lead to the historic site not being granted the distinction of Heritage of Mankind by Unesco.

      Cuenca (Various) The Civil Guard have found 520 illegal buildings across the province.

      Dolores (PP) physically close to Catral where the mayor is linked to homes built in the name of his mother.

      El Puerto de Santa María, Cadiz (Independent) where the local council could lose town planning rights after the Las Beatillas complex scandal where part of the development has been ordered to be demolished by the Andalucian Supreme Court.

      El Puig, Valencia (PSOE) where plans to build so much that the local population would be multiplied by six are on hold.

      Estivella, Valencia (PSOE) where a golf course project is pending.

      Grazalema, Cádiz (PSOE) where the ex municipal architect is in jail after several constructors said they paid commissions.

      Guisando, Castilla y León (PP) where the mayor wants to build in the Gredos regional park.

      Hellín, Alicante (PSOE) where 680 luxury villas and 680 swimming pools, has seen allegations of suitcases of money changing hands.

      Lardero, La Rioja (PP) where a block of 43 homes was promoted by the mayor himself following the doubling of the building zone.

      Las Navas del Marqués, Avila, (PP) where 1,600 homes a hotel and a golf course are on hold following the felling of part of a pine forest. The PP councillor of the regional government of Castilla y León, Mariano Torre, is accused of perversion of the course of justice.

      Los Alcázares, Murcia (PSOE) where the Mayor has resigned after seeing the investments from Juan Antonio Roca from the Marbella case.

      Mallorca – Plans for 600 homes in Can Domenge on a plot of land sold at half the price of other bids.

      Manivla, Málaga (GIL) Mayor Pedro Tirado arrested for money laundering and charged with eight councillors for favouring certain constructors.

      Menorca – (PP and independent) where the prosecutor is acting against two councillors for fraud and trafficking of influences among other charges.

      Murcia (PP) – an area of rapid development and linked to the Malaya case in Marbella. Large luxury developments such as Polaris World complete with their swimming pools have arisen in the area which has one of the most serious water shortage problems in the country. The PP Ayuntamiento has allowed 22,000 homes to be built in the area of the Mar Menor, when the original plans from the Ministry for Development was for 4,000 and a road.

      Nijár, Almeria (PSOE) Four times as many homes as allowed built in the Cabo de Gata Nature Park.

      Onteniente, Valencia (PSOE) where 5,000 illegal homes have been built since the 90’s.

      Orihuela (PP) where thousands of homes are thought to have been built on reclassified land and are being investigated by the anti-corruption prosecutor.

      Riba-roja del Túria, Valencia (PP) where the building project for the new Valencia football ground is now in the courts.

      Salou, Tarragona (CiU) where a concession for the construction of a pensioners home is under investigation.

      Santa Cruz de Tenerife (CC and PP) Local council purchased land in 2001 for double what they cost two businessmen three years before. Estimated over payment of 50 million €.

      Santa Margalida, Balearics, (PP) where the mayor has confessed in a tape recording that members of his team had collected 6,000 € in illegal commissions. The tape recording is not, however, valid as evidence.

      Seseña, Toledo, (IU) where 13,500 homes have been built on reclassified land with allegations of 800 million € changing hands.

      Sueca, Valencia (PSOE) where 25 luxury properties have been built in the La Albufera Nature Park

      Tarragona (CiU) where 5,000 homes are alleged to have been built irregularly, with links to the ex councillor for town planning, his brother and a constructor.

      Telde, Gran Canaria (PP) councillor accused of collecting commissions.

      Torrevieja, Alicante (PP) Mayor Pedro Angel Hernandez Mateo, paid into his account 432,000 € more than his wage, between 2000 and 2005.

      Tui, (PP) where the mayor faces a possible 8 year ban from office for perversion of the course of justice. The mayor happens also to be a real estate promoter.

      Vigo (PP) where the reclassification of 12 fincas acquired by the President of the Celta Vigo football club us under investigation.

      Villanueva de Gómez, Castilla y León (PP) where 7,500 homes and three golf courses are planned in a pine forest.

      Villanueva de la Cañada (Madrid) (PP) The regional director for Architecture, Enrique Porto has resigned following the revelations of his own personal interests in the town.

      And it’s not just the Spanish press, have a look at this:,,1929026,00.html


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      A good start was made when cases against Rafael Gómez (owner of arenal 2000) were archived (i.e. I think this means brushed under the carpet) in the córdoba courts. His company was accused of building a commercial centre without licence, going back on an agreement where VPO houses should have been built as part of the planning agreements and various other things.

      Interesting to see corruption is not confined to any political party..who to give your vote to ❓ [/b]

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      tilly, and what about all the money made by the agents who mis-sold these often illegal developments?

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      @katy wrote:

      A good start was made when cases against Rafael Gómez (owner of arenal 2000) were archived (i.e. I think this means brushed under the carpet) in the córdoba courts. [/b]

      Hi Katy,
      Thanks for that explanation. When one of our dodgy lawyers told us that the court in Totana had archived our case (I think he said ‘filed in a drawer’) we weren’t 100% sure what he meant. If he had said ‘brushed under the carpet’ it would all have been a lot clearer! 🙂

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