Why Don’t Spain’s Gov’t Clean Their Act Up With Property?

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      Serious question to anyone who may have the answers? ❓

      It’s well documented that Spain’s property industry has been fraught for many years with:

      non regulation, black money, illegal builds, crooked estate agents/developers/lawyers/mayors/town halls, poor build qualities, destruction of landscapes, overbuild, ruined views, phoenix companies, non payment of taxes by agents and developers, high completion and selling costs, land grab, bullying, furniture package scams, time share scams, ridiculous lengthy redress in Courts, and a host of other problems.

      Spain has known what’s been going on for years, thanks to websites like this, mass demonstrations in towns, Press reports, TV programmes, intervention by lawyers, other country’s Ministers/MPs and European Court etc

      They know they have a massive oversupply of new builds to get rid of plus a huge number of resales before any sense of normality can return to their market.

      You’d think all honest estate agents, developers, lawyers, politicians, property websites could bang very large drums and force them to listen if they stuck together.

      The question is: Why aren’t they listening and acting, what is stopping them? They’ve all but killed off their sales to the Spanish ‘place in the sun’ dream , yet they do nothing about it. You would think it would be in their financial interests ❗

      Someone with half a brain could do it if they let them, so why don’t they appoint someone asap, and get on with it? 🙄

      That’s it, easy wasn’t it, rant over, but in Spain’s interest 😉

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