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    Watched Newsnight last night and a Director of Winkworth, Charles Peerless, launched a vitriolic attack on Roger Bootle one of the world’s leading economists who had given an honest ‘say it as it is’ view on the credit crunch and the UK’s overpriced housing market. He often gets things right, has no vested interest, but just analyses things.

    The reason for the post is that Peerless of Winkworth and the Irishman Gary somebody who has a programme on how to make money from property in the UK and abroad, are so anti the economists’ for telling the truth because they want the bubble to start again.

    Winkworth sell property abroad too and they clearly overprice property to the detriment of purchasers, so be careful of them.

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    i think it’s high time that we helped out the estate agents and talked more optimistically about the property market. How can they all afford BMW’s when they are selling just 1 house per week. Lets dig deep for the agents and bail them out.

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    “The reason for the post is that Peerless of Winkworth and the Irishman Gary somebody …… want the bubble to start again”.

    I think ‘a cat’s hope in hell’ is an appropriate response to those two then.
    If people hadn’t got the message before this crisis hit, they certainly will have now.

    Kingy – as always, so generous in spirit. 🙂

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    A friend of mine has received a personal email (following his support of him) from Roger Bootle who has not watched the Newsnight prog. yet, however he wants to know exactly what Peerless said on air, maybe Roger will expect a retraction from this jumped up Franchisee of Winkworth.

    The UK estate agents just do not like economists telling the truth about the UK’s property slump especially as Roger Bootle was predicting the fall in prices could be as much as 40%.

    If you Google search Capital Economics there’s a heading for Roger which has a very impressive list of his previous takes on markets.

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    Here is the link to the programme which unfortunately doesn’t show Peerless’ attack on Roger Bootle, but if Roger’s forecast is right, many people are getting a nasty shock.


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    Now Foxtons in London are trying to dupe people that this is the time to buy (in a falling market), these agents are getting desperate and will say anything to hype the market up and grab their commissions.

    Both Winkworth and Foxtons overprice in the 1st place helping to create the bubble.

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