Umbrella companies?

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    My husband is presently looking for remote/telecommuting programming jobs and when I was contracting in the UK, I used one of these umbrella companies to sort out my tax and SS contributions, anyone any idea how this would work if say you worked as a contractor for a company based in the States? Or would he need to set himself up as self-employed??

    Or anyone with experience of working for a company based in the UK but paying SS and tax here….come on,there must be someone out there!!!



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    You could try asking this q on forum as I’m sure it has been asked (and answered!) on there before. Sorry can’t be of more direct help!

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    Umbrella companies are now not allowed in the UK under the current tax rules. Some people still use offshore companies, but the HMRC is really homing in on them, and penalising the users.

    Log on to one on the many contractors forums and you will get the full, upto date info.

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