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      I am in the process of trying to buy a finca in Malaga province. Title to one of the parcels is shown as “en investigacion, Art 47 de la Ley 33/2003”.

      It is possible to see online a copy of Art 47, which seems to allow an official investigation of title, apparently at the instigation of a private individual or a government body.

      My lawyer has yet to shed any light on this.

      Does anyone have any knowledge of what this might mean, and how such an “investigacion” can be resolved as part of a purchase process?

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      Mark Stücklin

      Hello Ruralpropertybuyer,

      Sorry about the slow response, but you know what they say about Spain in August.

      I talked to a lawyer about your situation. He said it sounds like some level of the state / public administration is investigating title / ownership of the property, perhaps with a view to acquiring it for the state. “I would hold off from buying this finca until this procedure has been clarified by his lawyer,” was his advice.

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