The strong Euro

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    I have been following the exchange rate closely for the last few months, and have a basic grasp of what effects the value of the Pound against the Euro.

    I would love to hear some speculation and opinion on where this exchange rate is going in the long term. Will the pound ever get back to the rates we enjoyed a year or two ago? If so when?

    I appreciate this is “crystal ball” stuff, but nonetheless lets have your opinions, and reasons why.

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    I believe the sterling has reached a level which makes it competetive with the rest of Europe. Living in Sweden where we also are outside the Euro-zone I have noticed that visiting UK has been extremely expensive with the sterlin at 1.50 Euro. Now when it is 1.25 I thought prices on typical daily stuff…
    I believe the UK would be at the same cost of living standard as the other main parts of Europe, otherwise there would be something more needed to explain the differences (like the oil of Norway..)

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    There was an interesting article in the Telegraph today where it says that 71% of Fund Managers think that the Euro is overvalued and is likely to fall next year.

    Who knows?


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