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    Dear all,


    If I buy a flat as a renovation project through a Spanish SL, what taxes and transaction costs do I incur at purchase, during the works and upon sale? Do regular AJD and ITP apply in full? And what can be off-set for tax purposes? As regular transaction costs are north of 10% in Barcelona that would mean that you need to add very significant value through the renovation to make this profitable, given you also incur sales costs? If you set up a company for the specific purpose of doing renovation works, do any special (tax) rules apply? Does the new corporate tax rule (15% rate) apply? If anyone has a “case study” that would be amazing.

    Thank you very much


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    Mark Stücklin

    If you are buying as a company to refurbish and sell I think you would pay a reduced rate of 3% ITP. Then you have to pay Notary, Registry, and I think normal rate AJD, then of course the refurb licence. Pretty much all the expenses are deductible. The tax rate was 25%, not sure what it is now.

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      Thank you very much for the reply. Yes I also thought there was a reduced rate if you do it as a business. How much does the renovation usually licence cost (very roughly)?

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