Spanish property North – South divide

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      When it comes to property in Spain North = expensive, South = cheap. The opposite of the UK 😯

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      North of Spain has always been wealthier than the South. Mainly due to industrialisation & dare I say the money Catholic Church money.

      The North would have been more prosperous if there were not the issues of ETA & the nationalism of the Catalans. Madrid had always routed funds to the South from the North. Because of the weather in the South the wealthy rich moved to the south & created the concept of Senoritos, Seville & Jarez de la Frontera is a good example of this.

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      Traditionally the north has been richer because it’s closer to the economic heart of Europe (same as the south-east of the UK). Of course the Catalans, like some Londoners, will claim it’s because they are superior beings – but forget to mention they got others in to do the work (Irish and northerners in London, Andalusians in Barcelona – later other immigrants).

      Has to be said the coastline is a lot more beautiful up north too. A little surprised to see Soria in the more expensive zone, it had a rep in the past for being neglected..

      Here are some multi-million euro abodes in the north of Spain to drool over

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      Difficult choice for lifestyle too, North/South divide, I prefer the North scenically especially the coves, and it’s easier road links to UK, I think the climate is ok too in the North East compared with UK’s, most movers seem to head South for weather. 🙄

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