Spanish Bank Shares

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    Is it not amazing how they have been going up . BBVA Santander even Bankia. Might Spain be pulled up by an American upturn on the back of pending OIL Sufficiency in America. Bank of America had good results today much due to its investment bank unit Merril Lynch. Possibly we will have a prolonged bull market and the feared correction might not materialise as a result of Fed tapering.

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    Well over the last 18 months the Ibex has gone from a low of 5995 points to around 10,400 now.
    We can’t go back in time, but perhaps the best time to invest (if you’re feeling brave) is when the doomsters are at full volume.
    Of course, the more we hear good figures from the general economy eg exports up, tourism up, retails sales recovering etc., we then have to gauge the point at which we should pull the money out..

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    I suppose it depends upon your needs and whether you buy stocks purely for a speculative gain -if so obviously you can take profits.Some of us who are retired do appreciate extra income to pay utility bills etc and think that hanging on to reasonable yields that might grow is useful. Also if you were ‘greedy when others were fearful’ you might sell half and keep half perhaps? Unfortunately. None of us know when there is a market top until it has happened – we could be in one – BUT. It will not be the last if it is !

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