Solvia selling holiday homes on the coast from €24,000

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      Solvia – the real estate division of Banco Sabadell – have launched a new campaign under the slogan “why dream when you can buy” selling holiday homes on the coast starting at €24,000 for new build (development in Asturias).

      For €24,000 you get a 1-bed flat in this new development in Asturias (North Spain -check out the snow on the hill behind 8) )

      Want something a bit warmer, but still cheap? Then this in Roquetas de Mar, from €24,900:

      The offer lasts until 31 July.

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      They look about as homely as the MI5 building in London 😆

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      What about this one:


      (OK it probably needs a lick of paint)

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      Horses for courses but they look awful, even at that price, bottom one looks like a prison block, imagine being stuck in one of those 😯

      Still rather not have the financial outlay plus 12% transaction costs, and annual running costs, and holiday in a hotel or villa 🙄

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