Small community with ambiguous title deeds

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      If two opposing Lawyers cannot agree on the interpretation of the Master Deeds of a Community of 8 detached private villas with private plots and designated eight share of pool and common areas. Complicated further because the Administrator also a Lawyer will not commit on any other opinions offered. For over 25 years each owner has maintained their own gardens at their own costs.

      My problem is I do not want to break the Law but no one will say what the Law is.

      My neighbour is litigious and argues that all the plots are in effect not private but shared.

      How can this be resolved with out an adversarial court case?

      We have asked for mitigation but this was rejected.

      With Kind Regards


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      Mark Stücklin

      Sorry, but I doubt you will get an answer here. It’s too complicate, and as you say, even lawyers can’t agree on an answer. Sad to say I suspect the only solution is going to court.

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