Referendum on Europe in the UK, re UKIP

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      Chill out time 😀 😉

      Apparently David Moyes the recently sacked high profile football manager has been asked to become Nigel Farage’s Deputy in UKIP. Their interest in him has risen sharply since he managed to get Manchester United out of Europe for the 1st time in 15 years 😆

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      I cannot see Ange what benefit UKIP is to property owners or intending ones in Spain Ange. Does UKIP propose we leave NATO as well ! What does UKIP become if Scotland leaves ? For travellers like you without Spanish property and me with strong sterling is good -will sterling be stronger or weaker outside the EU ? As a Spanish owner weaker sterling is better for a seller. I am not sure about EU exit -I would perhaps be seriously interested if we did have the option of rejoining EEA except that we would have less say in what the EU Commission do. As I see it Farage has only one good point -he focuses other politicians on getting on these overpaid bureaucrats backs . The Conservative MEP for my area is Richard Ashworth. He NEVER REPLIES TO EMAILS. I just think as still a Conservative Party member ! (ie between the Devil and the Deep Red Sea) who best will boot him out ! Don’t like UKIP much don’t like Labour. I voted for the Liberal group last time because I am more of a Free Democrat but they are in coalition with LD’ds and Social Democrats in same party and don’t stand a chance.

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