Paying Income Tax on a Touristic Apartment (with HUT) in Barcelona

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    I own an apartment in Barcelona with a a HUT tourist license, which I intend to rent out on a short term basis.

    However, I am unsure how I go about paying the income tax and have been told conflicting things:

    1. As I am a resident and have a full time job here, I can declare the income as additional income on my normal tax return.

    2. I have to register as Autonomo and pay through this.

    Can anyone shed any light?

    Many thanks

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    Mark Stücklin

    I’m not a tax expert but I’m almost certain it’s 1). I’ll ask a tax expert I know and let you know if I get a different answer.

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    Cristian Selected


    If you are a resident with a job, you can declare that income as an additional income in your “declaración de la renta” (yearly income tax).
    You can deduct from the property income the expenses that property has during the year period.

    Cristian Selected

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