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      Everything might go on hold worldwide if the bellicose rhetoric of the puppet boy in North Korea leads to a button pushing, markets might tumble if war is imminent, gold as a safe haven again though not much use if there’s a mushroom cloud over the earth 🙄

      We’re off for a tapas lunch in a rather nice town in UK before it happens 😛

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      For one moment I thought you were considering buying there!

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      @Chopera wrote:

      For one moment I thought you were considering buying there!

      I’m fairly sure this won’t happen in the same way, but one of the best places to have bought property 10 years ago was in Iraq, specifically northen Iraq. I’ve got contacts who went back there after the war, and have prospered by doing this. However it’s not an opportunity all of us would have considered doing – what’s the point in trying to accumulate wealth when you could be kidnapped (and perhaps killed) for being a westerner?

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      …….and even worse your property could be blown up 😆

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      I have a friend currently working in South Korea. He has had to register on a list the foreign office is currently compiling ready for the emergency evacuation of all UK citizens. I realise these are normal contingency plans but the threat is being taken seriously. The media is downplaying it especially the US press. However the situation is so volatile anything could happen.

      North Korea will not lose face and since they have built up the rhetoric to a frightening level something will have to happen. I am old enough to remember the Cuban Missile crisis. Had Russian not backed down WWIII would have been a reality.

      Khrushchev paid a high price for his rhetoric and was removed in disgrace shortly afterward. This third generation Kim looks like a perverted spoiled child out of control to me and has no intention of backing off. Too much to lose.

      The KOSPI is the best reliable indicator of trouble. If that dives it’s serious. 🙁

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