News laws to prohibit holiday home renting.

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      I Have lifted this from another forum. Idealista are reporting these new proposals.

      The Government is preparing a new law (Proyecto de Ley de Medidas de Flexibilización y Fomento del Mercado del Alquiler de Viviendas) to make it difficult to rent out a ‘holiday home’ in an attempt to help the hotel business, according to Idealista who says: ‘The proposed law on rents that the Government is preparing contains rules that will prevent many home-owners from renting their homes and holiday apartments, something that will mean a loss of income for many families, so as to try to benefit the Spanish hotel industry. If the proposal is approved as it stands, the new legislation will also reduce the freedom enjoyed by citizens to be able to choose how to enjoy their holidays and it will also jeopardize part of the income that currently accrues to the tourist industry, according to the Asociación de Gestores de Viviendas de Uso Turístico’…

      I think it makes sense although difficult to police and may be illegal under EU treaties. However if heavy fines are in place property owners will think twice.

      These are the logic’s the government seem to be making.

      Holiday homes don’t employ many people or bring much tax revenue to the state. They principally benefit foreigners and foreign owned airlines. The government want to support the hotel trade which is a major employer. The government want to restrict the over building of holiday homes and renting them out for holidays is an important incentive to buy one. Spain is over run with them anyway and those that do exist are usually poor quality, high density and disfigure the coastal landscape.

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      Its a two year old proposal.

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      The bill was presented to Congreso de Diputados in August 2012 and has had various amendments since the last being February this year.
      Its anyone’s guess if the bill will be passed into law in it’s current form or intention.

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