Is this a BOOM?

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      What’s clear is that real estate – both sales and rentals, in metropolitan and selected coastal areas is booming…………..Cranes are everywhere now and not just in Madrid and Barcelona……..prices are way up having crawled up from their 50% plus plunge in 2008…………. Mallorca and Ibiza are scalding hot, Marbella is not far behind and the demand is spreading……….Moreover Spain is enjoying a tourist boom like never before as a result of the troubles in other Med countries….

      Whilst Brexit has stopped many Brits in their tracks there appears to be a huge demand now from other northern and eastern Europeans who consider Spain a safe haven less likely to suffer terrorist attacks as well as being a great place to park excess funds in real estate and out of the banks mits………

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      I totally agree. Rental income is going up as well as property prices, however, I would suggest that potential investors focus in the main towns. There is still a lot of offer in the coast

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