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      Hola everyone here. I have been reading through this site as I have just joined so here is my problem for all you experts?

      I have been left 100,000 E approx and want to purchase another place here in spain(we live and work here with two kids) but we cant decide what or where to go
      should we look inland or coast?
      should we keep price down or morgage again?
      off plan or ready now?
      I just feel money is better in bricks than a bank but at a loss as were to go from here 😕
      so all coments would be appreciated

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      For what its worth…
      I think your money is better off in the bank. Interest rates are rising, and predicted to go higher still. If the base rate in the UK is 4.75%, you can easily get accounts that pay over 4%, and if you look carefully, you can get much closer to 5%.
      Who apart from the home builders / estate agents are predicting any substantial home price inflation?
      That’s not to say that in the long run, bricks and mortar have proved to be a good investment and that is likely to continue, but in the short term, or for the next few years at least, returns in the housing market by the most optimistic measure are likely to be disappointing.
      Invest in property by all means, but whats the rush?

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      thanks i know where you are coming from but this is money I didnt expect so a long term is what i want allowing for the fact that i have two kids here- ten years time i could pass it on 🙄

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      I can allways send you my bank account no, All donations in all currencies would be welcome


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