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      Homes get water and electricity without habitation certificate


      Costa Blanca News reported two weeks ago that none of the 7,000 homes on the vast development which lies several kilometres outside Mazarrón town centre have habitation certificates even though properties have been occupied for up to eight years.

      Since then Camposol Residents’ Association has revealed that thousands of homes have been hooked up to public utilities including water and electricity without the certificates – in a clear violation of Spanish law.

      Town halls are obliged to issue the ‘cédula’ before they allow homes to be occupied – and utility companies are not permitted to supply homes before the document has been granted.

      The urbanisation is also starved of vital infrastructure including street lighting and roads.

      The residents’ association has now denounced the town’s Partido Popular (PP) mayor Francisco Blaya Blaya to regional president Ramón Luis Valcárcel, also PP, in an effort to resolve the situation.

      In an official complaint signed by the group’s president Tony Butler, the association states that the mayor has failed to properly supervise the activities of the main developer at the urbanisation.

      The denuncia also goes on to say they are reporting the mayor for ‘gross negligence of his duties’ for failing to issue habitation certificates for all the dwellings built at Camposol.

      “The first houses were occupied in 1998 and since then, eight years later, not one certificate has been issued,” the denuncia states.

      “It has been intimated that this would not happen until the whole urbanisation was finished, but we are dealing with individual dwellings, not a whole estate.

      “We can only suggest that because utility companies have provided services without certificates of habitation, then some background activity has allowed this to happen.

      “We are now faced with an intolerable situation where the developer is nearing the end of their programme and we should be going through the transition from building site to a properly administered urbanisation. Because of the lack of supervision leading to gross negligence by the mayor we are faced with a bleak future.”

      In the denuncia the residents’ association goes on to allege that the mayor does not care about Camposol.

      “Had he done so he would have ensured that the developer carried on his business according to the partial plan and the licences issued by his council,” the denuncia states.

      “The mayor has indicated that he will send a team of technicians to sort things out with the developer, but why after eight years has he suddenly decided to do this? “The supervision should have been constant and consistent.

      “We denounce this mayor for his shameful lack of care and gross negligence in his duties.”

      Councillor Jacqueline Gálvez who holds the portfolio for industry, trade, consumer issues and citizens’ queries at the town hall, told CB News two weeks ago that builder Masa had not installed acceptable infrastructure on the urbanisation.

      She said: “The council is not going to adopt Camposol until the construction company meets the necessary infrastructure requirements.

      “If the town hall were to issue such certificates it would be acknowledging that the urbanisation is ready to be taken over which it clearly is not.”

      The councillor added that the Partido Popular (PP) was trying to resolve the crisis.

      “Acknowledging the urbanisation has not been built to original plans, last year we ordered Masa to draw up new plans that actually reflect the true layout of Camposol.”

      The council is set to send a group of technicians to Camposol to inspect infrastructure and issue a report.


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      Residents’ association and town hall at loggerheads

      By Dave Jones
      A row has broken out between Camposol Residents’ Association (CRA) and the mayor of Mazarrón over the future of the 7,000-home urbanisation.

      The town hall and CRA chiefs traded blows this week over Camposol’s infrastructure chaos and the fact that none of the homes have habitation certificates, even though some have been occupied for up to eight years.

      Mayor Francisco Blaya Blaya has accused the CRA of issuing alarmist statements and denied that the urbanisation was ‘illegal’.

      The CRA hit back by saying the mayor has a negative attitude to Camposol.

      Problems between the Partido Popular (PP) mayor and the residents association started last month during a fractious meeting held at the town hall. The tête-à-tête had been called to examine the home owners’ grievances but ended with both sides failing to reach agreement on how to proceed.

      Following the meeting councillor Jacqueline Gálvez said that the council would not adopt Camposol until builders MASA met the necessary infrastructure requirements.

      Since then the CRA has denounced Sr Blaya to the regional president for ‘failing to properly supervise the activities of the main developer at the urbanisation’. The denuncia goes on to report the mayor for ‘gross negligence of his duties’ for failing to issue habitation certificates for all the dwellings built at Camposol.

      Last week mayor Blaya met up with residents from sector A on the urbanisation, who are not part of the CRA, in order to discuss the town hall’s plans for Camposol. He told the sector A residents he was going to send in a team of experts to issue an ‘exhaustive’ report on infrastructure and the needs of home owners.

      Mayor Blaya also said that after the study had been completed he would instruct the builder MASA to lay on the services that are missing.

      He reminded the residents that the town hall was not able to move into Camposol until the urbanisation had been completed by the builder.

      Sr Blaya also used the meeting to hit out at the CRA which has denounced him to the regional government. He lamented the bad image that ‘some people’ are giving of Camposol. “We are doing, and will do, all we possibly can for the residents of Camposol,” he said in a statement published last Friday.

      This week the CRA responded to the mayor’s words with their own press release.

      A section of the statements reads: “This association knows what the mayor had said about Camposol in our meeting with him on September 13, and it does not accord with what was said at this reported meeting. It has to be said that our meeting was never intended to be confrontational but it was made so by the mayor Francisco Blaya Blaya and councillor Jacqueline Gálvez.”

      The statement also says that ‘seemingly’ the mayor has now said he will not deal with the CRA in the future.

      It goes on to say that denouncing the mayor to the President of Murcia was never on the agenda, but became absolutely necessary in order for his negative attitude to the urbanisation to be recognised.

      The CRA is now seeking legal assistance to find out what is planned for Camposol by the town hall.


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      Town hall and electricity giant at odds over supply

      By Dave Jones
      An extraordinary row has broken out between Mazarrón town hall and electricity giant Iberdrola over the installation of mains power to homes on Camposol urbanisation.

      Around 2,000 properties have been taken off builder’s supply and hooked up to the mains over the last five years.

      However under Spanish law, utility companies cannot lay on water, electricity or gas to homes until habitation certificates (cédulas de habitabilidad) are issued by the town hall. The cédula is supposed to be presented by the householder to the company in order to establish the supply.

      According to the Mazarrón local authority, no habitation certificates have yet been handed out to home owners – even though some properties were built more than eight years ago.

      This week the town hall and Iberdrola were at loggerheads over the situation.

      A spokesman for Iberdrola in Murcia told Costa Blanca News that houses on the urbanisation had been hooked up with the approval of the council.

      He said: “We have the consent of the town hall to connect some of the houses on the urbanisation.”

      But the town hall press office disputed the claim in an email sent to CB News.

      It states: “The town hall has neither asked for nor approved these connections because it is not a matter that we have been involved in. It could be that the owners of the houses or the builder have organised the connections.”

      In response to the town hall statement, the Iberdrola spokesman stated that the company ‘did not get involved in disputes’.

      “We would simply say that the contracts have been set up following the letter of the law,” he said.

      Camposol Residents’ Association (CRA) president Stan Long, who moved onto the urbanisation six years ago, said that that his home had been hooked up to mains electricity in 2001.

      He said he had paid 66,000 pesetas to the builder in order to get the connection established.

      “We have had it for nigh on five years and we still have not got a certificate of habitation,” he said. “It was taken care of by the builder.”

      He said that the only firm to ask for a habitation certificate was water company Aqualia but that the connection to his home was also set up with help from the builder without any further problems.


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