Eurozone and World Saved! Ha, Ha!!!

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    Well done Eurozone, Van Rumpy Tumpy and all those Presidents and Dodgy Leaders, including Cameron, Berly. Zappy and the Napoleonic dwarf as he’s been called.

    They’ve saved us, written off 100 Billion of Greek debt, created a new sovereign bail-out fund with no money in it yet, Banks taking a 50% writedown of their loans to Greece and now have to raise this money from somewhere, maybe a piggy (PIGS) bank etc etc.

    And, the stockmarkets have boomed, short term profiteering perhaps?

    How long will it be before Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland etc start bleating for a writedown of their considerable debts?

    The UK’s considerable interests as Ca-moron says are now protected đŸ˜†

    It was all quite easy in the end, send 1000’s of highly paid Gov’t people and their minions on a jolly good jolly at vast expense and patch it up over night, why on earth didn’t we think of this before? You just move things about on a board game, print some more wonga, write off Sovereign debt (but not personal debt for the populus), enjoy the hospitality and 1st class travel etc and job done! The biggest load of b—-x I’ve ever come across đŸ˜† đŸ˜†

    I enjoyed that one đŸ˜‰

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