Euro equity star Tenerelli buying back into Spanish property


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      Mark Stücklin

      [caption id="attachment_183953" align="alignnone" width="747"]Dean Tenerelli - T Rowe European Equity fund Dean Tenerelli – T Rowe European Equity fund[/caption]

      This Citywire interview with Dean Tenerelli, head of the T. Rowe European Equity funds is worth watching. He articulates a positive investment case for Spanish property. He says prime property prices are moving up, which I can confirm in Barcelona. Prime building prices are up more than 30% in six months, based on my own research.

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      I would describe myself as a “keen amateur” in property market watching. My observation of the market(around Barcelona but not in it) is that the price of prime properties has begun to move up, and there has been a reappearance of some uppermarket properties which had been put on sale some years ago, stagnated and then were withdrawn from the market. On the other hand,the price of second homes and of medium-priced properties is still in freefall.

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