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    I have purchased a property In Catalunya, near El Vendrell.
    The property is about 30 years old and was sold by the original owner.
    I have tried to get the electrical bils put into my noma but they have instaisted on and electrical test.
    This I understand covers fixed wiring to the property to ensure its safe.
    Now the electrical meter is inside the property and 2 seperate electricians have said that the meter will need to be moved to outside the property so the electrical company can read it- do I have get this done or is as the electrical office says not obiligitory and that the elctricians are just milking the job.
    Any help would be apreciated
    adriana1@a1maintenance.com 07976 920475

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    They are correct – your meter nowadays must be sited outside, or in an inner hallway seems to be acceptable also as everyone leaves their front doors open! The electrical test will also check for a suitable earthing which a 30yr old system is unlikely to have.

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