Cost of Dissolving a contract

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      I wonder whether anyone can give me an idea of the cost of dissolving a contract in Spain

      A couple of years ago I bought a piece of land from a vendor that consisted of 2 partners. The land was supposed to be going be given a building licence and I received encouraging noises from the lawyer, who was recommended by the agent. Unfortunately the building licence never materialised but the partners were honourable men and agreed to repay the money back on the dissolution of the contract. As a matter of convenience I went back to the original lawyer who has now completed the dissolution of the contract and forwarded the money to another lawyer who is handling the purchase of a new property for me. However, my new lawyer has informed me that the money she received was 1400 euros below the amount that should have been transferred.

      Unfortunately I have never had any indication from my original lawyer of what the cost of dissolving the contract would be nor a bill and so far they are not responding to my requests for an explanation of the shortfall in the money transferred to my new lawyer. The only conclusion that I could think of was that they had simply deducted their fees. Does anyone know whether 1400 euros be a reasonable fee for the dissolution of a contract ?

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