Average Barcelona-city house prices both sold and asking in terms of €/m2. Monthly asking price data from the property portal Idealista, and quarterly sold prices from the notaries.

This data page provides unique insight into house prices in Barcelona over the last decade. It shows you how the average city price, both sale and asking, has changed over the years, with an index comparing the sale and asking price change. In the next tab you will find sale prices over time broken down by district, and in the last time asking prices by district, with charts illustrating both the price in €/sqm and the percentage change each year.

Use the ‘show entries’ option to display the number of periods or records you want. ‘All’ will show all the periods in the data set. Use the table headings, especially of the first column on the left to organise / toggle the data as ascending or descending (default position is descending so you see the latest results at the top of the table). Use the filter field under the first column to focus on a period or series in that column. For example, type ‘Q’ just to see quarters, ‘M’ for months, or ‘Y’ for years. Type ‘202’ to see all periods this decade, or ‘2021’ just for the year 2021. The table will automatically update to reflect your filter parameter, and any charts associated with the table will update according to your filter. And if you see a ‘Columns’ button you can use that to toggle columns > click on the button to show/hide columns. P.S. if you ever see FNR that means Foreign Non-Residents.

YouTube video guide to using tables and charts

Barcelona house prices (SQL id 238)

This table shows the average price in terms of €/sqm for both sales and asking prices in Barcelona. Sales prices are based on actual sales (source gencat), and asking prices come from the listing database of Idealista - a property portal. The index is calculated using the average price of 2014 as the base period (100).

Barcelona sales prices by select district in €/m2 (SQL id 344)

Barcelona house prices based on sales in terms of average €/sqm broken down by district (of most interest to foreign investors). Data from the Generalitat based on the Land Registry. Index base is 2014-Y.

Barcelona asking prices by district in €/m2 (SQL id 332)

Data from the property portal Idealista. Index base is 2010-Y.