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Barcelona Data Hub now free to read

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Find out all about the Barcelona housing market with a Data Hub that is now free to read.

Last year I set up a Data Hub to make it easier for readers to research and analyse the Spanish property market by bringing together most of the publicly-available housing market data from different sources like the Housing Ministry, Notaries, Registrars, National Institute of Statistics, regional and local governments, Eurostat, the OECD, and any other organisations and trade bodies I can find that publish relevant Spanish housing market information.

I gather data from all these different sources on a regular basis and bring it all together in standardised tables with interactive charts to help facilitate analysis, and then keep it all updated. For anyone interested in the figures, and understanding the market, the Data Hub adds a lot of value with useful information on home sales, house prices, mortgage lending, housing starts and so on, broken down by region and market segment. There’s nothing else like it in Spain.

I keep most of the Data Hub behind a subscription paywall because I consider it valuable information that takes a lot of time, resources and expertise to offer. Amongst other things I had to do a crash-course in the SQL database language to be able to offer a solution that cross-references different data sources.

Barcelona Data Hub

I’ve now set up a Barcelona Data Hub focusing on housing market data and analysis in the Catalan capital, and I’m happy to say this section will be free to use because the subscription fee is being sponsored by the Barcelona developers who advertise in my luxury new developments showcase

Here you will be able to find out all about the housing market in Barcelona, answering questions like how many homes are sold in Barcelona every period, at what price, and who buys them? It will help buyers and vendors get a better sense of the market, and estate agents can use it to work out their market share.

The Data Hub does its bit to increase transparency in a market that needs it. The better you understand a market the more confident you are in your decisions. Developers also benefit from a more transparent market that increases investor confidence, and estate agents can use it to advise their clients.

So if you are thinking of buying or selling property in Barcelona, or need information to advise your clients, check out the Barcelona Data Hub, which is now free to use thanks to the Barcelona developers sponsoring the subscription fee.