SPANISH HOUSING MARKET: Latest data November 2022

A monthly video review of the latest data published by the Spanish notaries’ association relating to the housing market in Spain. What do the latest figures say about the trend in home sales, house prices, and mortgage lending that determine where the housing market is heading, and how this will affect people in the market?

The College of Spanish Notaries has just released its monthly report on the housing market based on sales witnessed by notaries in November 2022, which is the latest month for which data is available. We learn there were 58,942 residential property sales witnessed by notaries in the month, down 8% in a year, and the second consecutive annualised decline in home sales since June 2020, when the covid pandemic was still raging. In this video I explain the latest trends in Spanish home sales, house prices and mortgage lending and look at where the trends are heading.

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