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Spanish house price data published in July 2017

spanish house price index tracker july 2017

The SPI House Price Index Tracker plots the progress of the six most-watched house price indices in Spain, and brings them together in one chart. All the latest results showing data published last month are highlighted in yellow in the chart above.

The following residential property price indices were released in July (all figures show year-on-year percentage change):

  • The Notaries’ Association index +0.3% in May (1,318 €/m2)
  • The Tinsa index +2.3% in June
  • The Idealista property portal (resale asking price) index +1% in July

All Spanish house price data in positive territory

For a second month in a row all the main indices were in positive territory, something not seen since the boom years a decade ago.

But as I always point out, national house price numbers are not much use when it comes to understanding local markets. So why report them? Because it helps to keep one eye on the macro picture, and because they might have some impact on market expectations, even at a local level. When the news is full of reports of rising house prices, vendors get more cocky, and when the news is all bad, potential buyers are more pushy.

Tinsa Spanish house price index by area

Valuations company Tinsa publishes house price data categorised by area (based on its own valuation). Though the general index was up by 2.3% in June, big cities like Barcelona and Madrid were up 4.6%, housing on the Mediterranean coast up 1.9%, and the Balearic and Canary islands up 1.5%.

tinsa spanish house price index june 2017

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  • Sven Bodtker says:

    I agree the statistics are confusing.. Year-on year figures particularly so as theyu vary too much to be believable. Better to show month by month variations comparing each month with the previous one only.
    Can you give me references to the various sources?

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