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Andalusia Not Dealing with Illegal Homes, Critics Charge

Andalusia_Alhambra_(1024 x 495)The regional government of Andalusia is not doing enough to deal with the estimated 300,000 homes that were illegally built in the area, the opposition party claims.

The People’s Party of Andalusia (PP-A) says only 200 homes have been formally legalised, despite the years of protests and meetings. At a press conference this week, Patricia Navarro, vice president of the PP-A, warned of the “economic consequences” and harm to the “brand of Andalusia” by the issue, since many of victims are foreigners who have bought property in the region.

If nothing else, the press conference signaled that the PP-A is ready to focus on the illegal homes as a political issue in their campaign against the ruling Junta.

The president of the PP-A, Juanma Moreno, will launch a round of meetings with owners and property rights activists to “seek solutions based on consensus,” Navarro said. They hope to propose legislation, although their chances of getting anything passed in the Socialist-dominated government are slim.

“Town mayors, who have to cope daily with queues of people affected by this problem, are those who have the biggest interest in solving it,” Navarro said.

The PP-A has accused the ruling Socialists of corruption and chaotic town planning. The Junta issued a decree in 2012 to address the legalization, but the PP-A contends little has been changed. The lack of progress has created “uncertainty” and “legal insecurity” for owners of illegal homes, Navarro said.

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