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Castle in Toledo Back on the Market, Moat Included

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A castle dating to the first century is for sale in Toledo, as part of a government effort to raise money by selling assets.

Castillo de la Vela includes a moat, four round tower ramparts in the classic style and walls 3.5-metres thick. The price tag is €9.6 million, the same price it was listed for in January, when it failed to sell, Spanish News Today reports.

While castles regularly show up on the market around Europe, the medieval Castillo de la Vela does offer unique attributes. It was constructed in 981 and it was a working fortress through many of the great struggles in Spanish history.

The castle, located in the municipality of Maqueda, was declared a historic monument in 1931. But it can be used as a hotel, commercial space, offices or a private home, according to the advertisement.

Potential buyers will benefit from an ill-fated renovation attempt, which helped modernize the castle. In 2010 more than €5 million was reportedly spent to convert the castle to a museum for the Guardia Civil, but it never opened as a museum. As a result, the site includes 30 parking spaces and could be used as a cultural centre or leisure facility, the ad notes.

The castle is part of a group of properties the government is advertising on Admeet, a property auction portal. Other government-owned properties for sale include 20 land plots and three buildings, valued at about €9 million, Spanish News Today reports.

Castillo de la Vela
Castillo de la Vela

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