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Foreign buyers spend more than locals

Foreign buyers have bigger budgets than locals, show figures from the Housing Department.

YVPH25716Foreigners buying property in Spain in Q4 2013 spent 12pc more on average than locals buying in the same period, according to data at the Housing Department website, part of the Ministry of Public works (Fomento).

Foreigners spent an average of €153,300 on property purchases, whilst Spaniards spent an average of €135,000. Foreigners tend to buy in more expensive locations like the coast, and cities like Barcelona.

In both cases buyers spent less than 12 months previously: foreign buyers spent 2.5pc less, and local buyers 6pc less, as Spanish property prices declined another year.

Foreigners bought a total of 14,800 homes in Spain in Q4, down 1.3pc compared to the same quarter a year before.

Foreigners spent an average of €261,000 per property in the Balearics, and €214,000 in Malaga province, home to the Costa del Sol.

According to the Housing Department’s figures, average Spanish property prices fell just 4.2pc in 2013. Other data and news suggests the fall was closer to 10pc.


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  • hi i have just signed up for you news letter my husband and i are considering buying a property in gran canaria we have about £50000 to spend can you advise on the best area in Gran Canaria we are looking at this as an investment property is it a good time to buy. There appear to be a lot of folk from Norway buying at the moment it this pushing up the price. ideally we would like a bungalow but would consider an apartment if the price was right.
    would be grateful for any useful advice.
    Thank you

  • DEar SIrs,
    I was hearing about nice areas in torrelles de llobregat, mountain area very close to barcelona , the nice side diagonal. Do you know a residential area around torrelles for a field to buy where to build a house with pool? THanak you for your advice

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