The requirements of foreign house-hunters in Spain

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New market research looks at the typical requirements of foreign house-hunters in Spain, which are pretty much what you would expect.

The typical property bought by foreigners in Spain is a detached house on the coast with two bedrooms and two bathrooms costing €158,000, according to market research by Quick Telecom on behalf of Casaktua, a real estate servicing firm.

The report is full of information you could easily have guessed, for example that foreign buyers want to be near amenities and good transport links, and typically have budgets between €65,000 and €250,000, with an average of €158,000.

Buyers of expensive properties tend to be Russian and Chinese, yet the Chinese favour smaller properties, which suggests they focus on city centres like Barcelona and Madrid.

Along with the Chinese, other nationalities that buy the smallest properties under 60m2 are the Fins, Italians, and French, whilst the Dutch, Swiss, Norwegians, English, Danish, Russians and Germans buy the biggest properties above 100m2.

As a group foreigners bought more resales (53pc) than new builds (46%). Brits, Russians, Belgians, Norwegians, Swedes and the Dutch prefered new builds, whilst the French, Germans, Italians and Swiss prefered resales.


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