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Buying property in Sitges

buying property in sitges catalonia spain
Sitges, Catalonia, Spain

The interest in Sitges property is always strong, in part due to the town’s location just south of Barcelona on the ‘El Garraf’ coast.

Property in Sitges

Due to its huge popularity with an affluent clientele, property in the Sitges area is in high demand. New properties are being built in the Sitges area, but not at any pace that meets the growing demand.

Prices have risen dramatically in the past 5 years, and though they may stabilise in the short term, the underlying factors driving demand coupled with a shortage of supply may well continue to drive prices up significantly in the long term. It is already difficult to find any decent property in Sitges for less than 300.000 Euros.

Given its past as a favourite destination for the great and the good from Barcelona there are many attractive period detached-properties (villas) in the exclusive residential zone just back from the main beaches to the south of the citadel and old quarter. Properties in this part of Sitges start at around 800.000 Euros. There are also charming apartments to be found in the old quarter of Sitges, though often they need significant interior reforms.

There are also modern apartments on offer in the newly built areas that are emerging all around Sitges. Given the profile of people attracted by Sitges these tend to be more stylish than modern properties found in other parts of Spain.

10 kilometres in from the coast, near the villages of Olivella and Sant Pere de Ribes it is possible to buy land with building permits from around 80.000 Euros. This will appeal to those who are prepared to build their own villa, though a thorough due diligence is essential before undertaking this, along with a realistic appreciation of the work involved.

Further inland towards the Penedes wine region it is also possible to buy land with building permits from around 80.000 Euros. Alternatively there are masias (rustic country houses) typical of the area, and that cost from around 200.000 Euros if isolated and in need of reforms. However for a decent sized masia – rural country property – of over 200 m2 with private land for gardens and a pool, and needing reforms (that could cost 100.000 Euros or more, depending upon requirements) you could expect to pay 400.000 Euros upwards.

El Garraf is a small stretch of coast just to the south of Barcelona that includes the world-famous coastal town of Sitges. It stretches from the south of Barcelona city and Castelldefels down as far as Cunit, just south of the pretty costal town of Vilanova.

Inland from El Garraf you find the rural and beautiful wine growing region of the Penedès, famous for producing Cava, and enjoying a mountainous backdrop that includes the remarkable Montserrat mountains on top of which is precariously perched the eponymous monastery.

Living in Sitges

The area in and around Sitges has become very sophisticated and cosmopolitan in the last 30 years.

Given its wonderful microclimate (the weather here is often better than in Barcelona, just 25 kilometres to the north) beautiful beaches, and its charming old town, Sitges has always been popular with the Catalan well to do. A long history of prosperity means an very good selection of properties.

Santiago Rusiñol, one of Catalonia’s most famous artists and a leading founder of the Moderniste movement set up his base in Sitges and turned the place into a Mecca for Spanish intellectuals, artists, poets, and patrons of the arts. After his death his house in Sitges, along with its art collection, was given to the nation and is one of Sitges’ leading attractions. For more information on Santiago Rusiñol click here.

Given its natural beauty, beaches, climate, cultural dynamism, easy access and good stock of quality period and modern housing, the Sitges area is now immensely popular with affluent culture-seekers from all over Europe and further a field, not to mention Barcelona. Property in Sitges, therefore, is highly sought after.

The town has sophisticated restaurants, bars, and excellent shopping. It is also just a short drive from the Penedes (Penedès) wine region with all its rustic towns, country restaurants, and vineyards. Living in the Sitges area provides the best of all worlds: glamour, culture, cosmopolitan society, beautiful beaches, proximity to Barcelona and Tarragona, and of course a beautiful and largely unspoilt countryside of vineyards and hills just a short drive inland.

Access to Sitges

El Garraf is just to the South of Barcelona on the airport side, and is accessed by both motorways and regular trains from Barcelona.

Sitges is just 15 minutes from the International airport, 20 minutes by train from the centre of Barcelona (several trains an hour throughout the day), and half an hour by car from Barcelona. With such easy access it’s not surprising there is so much interest in Sitges property.

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