Spanish Misery Index – home-repossessions by region since 2007

The first column gives the regions, the second the total number o repossessions in that region since 2007, the third column gives population by region, and the final column gives the ratio of repossession per thousand inhabitants.

The table is arranged by ratio of repossessions/inhabitants in descending order, so you can see where the population is suffering the most from repossessions.

The situation is at its worst in the Valencian Region, where there have been almost 12 repossession for every thousand inhabitants since the crisis began, followed by Murcia, with almost 11, both popular destinations for holiday-home buyers.

At the other end of the scale is the Basque Country, in the North of Spain, where there were just 2.2 repos/thousand inhabitants, and where there are very few foreign holiday-home owners, if any.

The data comes from the National Institute of Statistics, the table produced by

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