Only 10pc of Spanish property owners satisfied with sound insulation

90pc of home-owners in Spain are unhappy with their sound insulation, according to a study by the Spanish Association of Acoustic Quality (AECOR).

That means that 42 million people in Spain are bothered by noise pollution at home.

60pc say that neighbours are the biggest source of noise pollution, with “music played at high volume, loud conversations and DIY noise,” cited as the most common problems. Anyone who has ever lived in Spain will know what they are talking about.

But noisy neighbours are only part of the problem. Poor sound insulation is also to blame, according to Juan Frías, head of AECOR. “The housing stock built before 2009 suffers from insufficient insulation,” he recently told the Spanish press. That effectively means the vast majority of apartments in Spain are poorly insulated.

Looking to the future, the problems should abate with time. The government has introduced tighter specifications on sound-proofing for homes built after 2009.


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