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Demolishing Club Med in Cadaques will cost 7 million Euros

5 years after closing down, and a year and a half late thanks to bureaucratic delays, the Club Med complex in Cadaques will finally be demolished, at a cost of 7 million Euros.

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The site, a few kilometres north of Cadaques, is being knocked down to help restore the Cap de Creus natural park, where a Club Med should never have been built in the first place. At the northern end of the Costa Brava, Cadaques is a quaint fishing village famous for its association to the surrealist painter Dalí.

All but one of the 443 buildings of the seafront holiday complex will go, including the bungalows where guests used to stay. Just one building will remain, converted into a ‘mirador’ or viewing point.

Costing 7 million Euros, and paid for by the regional Government of Catalonia and the Ministry of the Environment, demolition work will start in April, and take a year to complete.

It goes to show that getting rid of developments that should never have been built is an expensive business, which may be some consolation to private owners living with demolition threats in other parts of Spain.

Regional governments might be able to afford a futile gesture here and there, for example demolishing the Prior’s house in Vera, Almeria, but they just doesn’t have the money to pay for widespread demolitions of illegally built homes. In theory, home owners have to pay for the demolition, but in reality that is highly unlikely to happen.

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