Spanish construction output falls 16% in June

Spanish construction sector activity fell by an annual 16% in June, according to the latest figures from Eurostat, the EU’s statistics office. Annual construction output in the EU as a whole fell by 1.8%, and by 2.4% in the Eurozone, revealing that Spain’s construction downturn is by far the most sever in the EU.

On a monthly basis, Spanish construction activity in June was down 3.1% on May, compared to a fall of 1.5% in the EU. Activity in the UK was even weaker than Spain when considered on a monthly basis, with UK construction output falling 5.4% in June compared to May (annual construction output in the UK was down by 4.7%)

Looking at the wider EU, monthly activity fell in Slovenia (-5.8%), the UK (-5.4%), Germany (-2.1%), Bulgaria (-2%), and rose in Portugal (+2.9%), Romania (+2.9%), Poland (+2.6%), Holland (+1.2%), and France (0.7%). On an annual basis, construction activity in June was up by 20.8% in Poland, 14.9% in Slovenia, 12.7% in Rumania, and 10.3% in Bulgaria.


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