Reply To: Problems with my lawyer – help me please


A spanish lawyer cannot hold, for any reason, a client’s money if the client claim it back, it is absolute forbidden in the lawyer’s Ethical Code.

A deposit paid to a vendor ( even in your case where the money was paid through your lawyer or to your lawyer on your behalf ) belongs legally to the vendor.
You must write a letter ( registered ) to your lawyer giving 7 days to return the money, give him or her the datils of the bank account where you want it , inform him or her that if he/she does not return it in that time you will report to the “Colegio de Abogados de Alicante” .

And of course you can set a report at the Local Court , I advice not just set a report at the police, use a lawyer to start a ” Querella Criminal ” or criminal case , as under spanish law refusing to return someone’s else money is a criminal offense called Apropiación Indebida.

Excuse my english !