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      Good Evening,

      Last year we made the decision to move to Andalucia within the next 2-3 years.
      We have been networking and gathering info since the end of last year.
      This year we are visiting (several trips) different parts of Andalucia to decide were we want to live. We start of in Almeria and Malaga/Axarquia. For this month we made appointments for viewings with 1 agent in each of these regions. We just picked agents through an internet search (Kyero) These agents seemed to have the kind of houses we are looking for but the rules of this forum prohibits me of mentioning their names.
      Can anyone recommend reliable estate agent(s) in the Malaga and in the Almeria region.
      We are looking for an inland property.
      Mail us please


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      Jean Paul,
      Mark has a list of recomended agents and solicitors for various areas, i ve just looked but can t find it, duh.

      if you send Mark a PM he ll point you in the right direction.
      Chilly 8)

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      Thanks for the trouble Chily.l’ll PM Mark tonight.
      I’ll see his reply after our first trip. Leaving tomorrow.


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      If I’ve caught you in time, you’ll find the list if you click on ‘Solutions’ (see above black strip). Click on Estate Agents or just click below for direct link.

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      Dear Charlie,

      Thank you very much

      Best Regards

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      JeanPaul – A bit of advice if I may. Leave the cheque book at home – will protect you from any impulse buying!
      Have an enjoyable trip and remember it’s a buyer’s market. Don’t let anyone try and bamboozle you into any quick decisions……unless it’s that ‘little gem’. 😉

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      ” Leave the cheque book at home – will protect you from any impulse buying! AND THE CREDIT CARD.

      “unless it’s that ‘little gem” THERE WILL BE ANOTHER GEM SOMEWHERE ELSE.

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      Hi Shakeel –

      I didn’t want to be accused of being responsible for totally ruining the Spanish property market by my negativity…..again, so thought I’d add a ‘get out’ clause. 😆

      I know what these trips can be like. I was involved in sales and marketing for many years, so back in the eighties when I took advantage of a £60 3-day inspection trip to Moraira, just for the heck of it, I thought I was a hard-enough nut not to succomb.

      However, and I don’t know how it happened 😕 I found myself signing up for a building plot for £20,000. Was a good one though, slap bang in the middle of the horseshoe with panoramic seaviews. Luckily, they accepted my cool-off period once home and later returned my cheque, but not all are so lucky.

      P.S. Wish I had bought the plot now though. 🙁

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      i wish i was as wise as i think i am, a £99 inspection trip cost me £7,000. but older, wiser, more informed thanks to you guys.

      i don t think you are overly negative, nor Inez or any of the others who “tell it like it is” but people should be aware of the true situation in Spain.

      I have been reading the forum and not posting too much over the last couple of months but there seems to be a bit of a split going on. keep up the good work. information is power!

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      Hi Chilly – am afraid there are not many who are as wise as they think they are, and oh for that gift of hindsight. I wonder what that plot would be worth now and would it have been a good investment twenty years on?

      Am pleased you feel you have benefited from the forum as most of us have in one way or another, albeit for different reasons. It certainly saved my sanity at a time when the shock/realisation of my particular situation hit me. It helped me get back on track, even found my brilliant lawyer through someone here. Power indeed, and when shared can save a lot of heartache for many.

      Yes there has been ‘a bit of a split’ as you put it recently and have been following the new Step Outside forum. However I’ve hesitated to participate so far – the rampant hypocracy oozing from nearly every page actually made me feel a bit nauseas to the point I had to keep switching back to my on-line Sudoko. May have a go at contributing later.

      There are a lot of knowledgable members on this forum, most of whom thankfully don’t keep stuffing down our throats how knowledgable they are or bang on about their greater ‘authority’ to post than others. Most members are happy just to help others as and when they can whatever their situation without the attitude of “they deserve what they get” because they are “naive fools”. Long may it continue which I’m sure it will.

      Off topic I know, but as JeanPaul is well on his way to Spain by now, am sure he won’t mind. He seems a nice polite chap. Do hope he did leave the cheque book and credit card at home.
      We’ll have to see when he gets back. 😉

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      Charlie posted:

      ” I didn’t want to be accused of being responsible for totally…… “

      Charlie you don’t need to do anything the Spaniards have done it for themselves. The ones who will accuse of doing so are naive enough to think that a posting on a forum can have a influence in the bigger picture of things.

      The sad truth is that on all such forums the agents try to up lift things and do not like anybody not singing from the same hymn sheet.

      This forum is getting very spiritual as Mark invited the Vicar for tea & I am talking about hymn, singing.

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      Every Church has its doubters 😆

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      I would argue that the agents who contribute regularly here give a balanced view, on balance.

      And though the market is in trouble, that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t make a good purchase in Spain today.

      Next job, found a mystical Spanish property cult.


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      Hi Mark.
      I agee that there are agents, who do so. You can see my postings have always suporrted forum user like Inez.

      The truth of the matter is and no matter, how distasteful it is that agents do use the forum wheter it is this forum or others.

      I, understand that cult already exist apart from Property commercial/residential/Banks etc called, Opus Dai.

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