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Recorded home sales stay strong in May

The latest sales figures from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) shows the market continuing with strong growth sales in the year to May.

There were 60,059 home sales inscribed in the Spanish land registry according to the latest data published by the INE, meaning an overall increase of 28% compared to the same period last year.

Spanish home sales recorded in May broke down between new and resale transactions by 10,268 and 49,791 respectively, meaning a 32% increase in resales and 12% increase in new home sales compared to the previous year.

The table below gives you all the latest national data on new, resale and total sales plus the year-on-year change for each, which you can sort and filter in different ways, and see it reflected in the charts.

Sort the data by month, and use the search box to focus on a specific period. For example, type ‘202’ just to see sales in the 2020s, or type ‘M05’ just to see sales every May (type M just for months, Q for quarters, and Y for years). With M05 you can see that May this year was the best month on record for resales, higher even than the boom year of 2007, though new homes sales are still just a third of what they were in that era.

These figures suggest the market is still riding a wave of strong demand unleashed after the pandemic, though it is important to bear in mind that inscribed sales figures lag actual sales figures by a few months. So, if the market did slow down in June and July, which some agents report, we won’t see that in these figures for a month or two more.

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