Market snapshot: Which nationality spends the most on property in Spain, and which the least?

Which nationalities of foreign buyers spend the most on property in Spain, and which the least? This snapshot answers the question.

Looking just at buyers form wealthy western countries who tend to buy second-homes in Spain, though some also relocate to live in Spain, the latest figures from the association of Spanish notaries for last year show that Swedes had the biggest budgets, spending an average of 2,760 €/m2, followed by Denmark (2,714 €/m2) and Germany (2,708 €/m2), whilst the British spent the least with just 1,887 €/m2 on average.

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So, although the British are the biggest group of foreign buyers in Spain with a total of 12,186 purchases in 2021 compared to 10,868 from Germany, given that German budgets were almost 50% higher than British budgets, it’s almost certain that Germany was the biggest market for Spanish property in value terms last year, if not in volume. Put another way, Germans spent more money on property in Spain last year than the British did.

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