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Pre-UK election: What might the results mean for British demand?

With the UK going to the polls tomorrow to choose between Corbyn and May, I take a stab at what the different outcomes might mean…

spanish property market
NOTARIES: Foreign demand up 6% in second half of 2016, British demand down 24%

The number of homes bought by foreigners rose an annualised 6.4% to 43,380 purchases in the second half of last year, reveal the latest figures…

spanish property market
Foreign demand strong in Q1, British demand down but surprisingly resilient

Foreign demand for property in Spain rose by 15.6% in the first quarter of the year, whilst British, though falling 23.6%, but has not collapsed,…

Barcelona, the favourite choice for Spanish 'Golden Visa' investors
Spanish ‘Golden Visa’ scheme attracts €2 billion in first three years

Spain’s Golden Visa scheme, introduced in 2013, offering qualified residency in return for certain investments has brought in €2.16 billion since then, with results improving…

Foreign demand as a percentage of the Spanish housing market 2016
Foreign demand hits record 13.25% of housing market, but decline in British demand old news

The Spanish press was full of news yesterday about the slump in British demand post-Brexit, but regular readers of SPI will have know about this…

Barcelona golden visa property investments for turks and turkish nationals
Turkish demand for Barcelona property rising fast

Turkish demand for property in Barcelona is rising fast as Turks look for alternatives as Erdogan increases his grip on power at home.

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