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Fab Costa Brava holiday rental with last-minute August discount exclusively for my readers

costa brava begur holiday rental market price
The view from our terrace in Begur, on the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava this August is lively but not crowded, and holiday rentals are cheaper than last year, in particular one fab property in Begur discounted exclusively for my readers

I know that holiday rental prices are down this August by 10% or more because I am currently there on holiday with my family in a house we own in the centre of Begur, one of the picturesque towns near the coast of the Emporda, a Catalan region full of picturesque towns, a bit like Tuscany in Italy. We are looking to rent out the property in the last two weeks of August.

Why are holiday rental prices down? Covid-19, of course. It always looked like it would be a big threat to Spanish tourism this summer, but I thought that the Costa Brava would do better than most areas for two main reasons.

Firstly, it has Barcelona, a big city just a little over an hour away, to provide local tourists who can’t go abroad for their summer holidays this year.

And secondly, you can reach the Costa Brava by car in one day’s drive from countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, making it a good option for northern Europeans looking for a bit of Mediterranean sunshine in a year when air travel is complicated. I even wondered if the Costa Brava might be busier than usual for these reasons.

The area is certainly lively, but I guess overall visitor numbers are down compared to previous years, though not as much as places like Mallorca, which you can only reach by boat or plane. Family members currently on holiday in the north of Mallorca tell me it is very quiet there. On the other hand, the north coast of Spain is reportedly busier than usual, with 90% plus holiday-rental occupancy rates, driven largely by local demand.

We are in Begur for the first two weeks of August, and looking to rent out the house for the last two weeks, from next Friday. Our rental agency tells us that many bookings have been cancelled after a C19 flare up in parts of Catalonia (not the Costa Brava part, I should add), and the UK’s decision to quarantine Spain, making holiday rental bookings this year all very last minute. They also recommend reducing rental prices by 10% compared to last year, in order to help potential clients make up their minds, and take advantage of lower prices.

So, if you can get to the Costa Brava this August, renting a holiday home will probably cost you less than last year, which is always nice. And if you rent our place in Begur you get an extra 10% discount if you are one of my readers, or introduced by one of my readers. All you have to do is mention my name when you book to get a total 20% discount on last year’s price.

Our home is located in a private cul-de-sac just two minutes walk from the centre of Begur, with a lovely garden, large terrace, private parking, sun-deck with sea views, and plunge pool. You can get more info and book online here.

begur costa brava property
Begur, Costa Brava (Catalonia)