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Balearic holiday rentals – guilty until proven otherwise

Almost every week I read about new measures the Balearic regional government is planning to introduce to clamp down on holiday rentals, which it blames…

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Balearic landlords can earn more from tenants than tourist, suggests a new study

Researchers at the University of the Balearics have found ordinary long-term rentals generate more income in a year than short-term tourists rentals, at least on…

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Balearic Government sends draft holiday rental law to Parliament

Last Friday the Balearic regional government (Govern) approved a draft new law regulating tourist rentals on all the islands, containing some sensible measures.

property for sale in palma de Mallorca, balearics
Political posturing against holiday rentals in Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza

Local lawmakers in both Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza have announced moves to clamp down on tourist rentals that sound harsh, but probably amount to…

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Madrid to tighten holiday rental regulations, but nothing like Barcelona

The Autonomous Region of Madrid (Comunidad de Madrid) is working on new regulations for holiday rentals, but nothing as restrictive as Barcelona, revealed a recent…

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Sitges ban on new holiday rental licences in place for one year

Back in December last year Sitges put in place a moratorium on new holiday rental licences in the municipality. It’s not hot news, but some…

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