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SURVEY: Impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the Spanish property market?

Cornavirus spanish property market impact
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The Coronavirus crisis has already had a dramatic impact on the Spanish economy, bringing the country to a standstill, and the property market with it. But what will be the impact looking further out? Whatever happens, it will be partly the result of the opinions of people with an interest in the Spanish property market, so please help me try and shed some light on those opinions.

I know what I think the Coronavirus COVID-19 will do to the Spanish property market, and in particular the holiday-home market, but I want to know what others think. So I’m running this brief survey to try and get some feedback from others.

If you are reading this, the chances are you have an interest in the Spanish property market. Perhaps as someone thinking about buying, or an owner, or someone trying to sell. Or perhaps as a professional investors, or someone working in the business like estate agents, developers, lawyers and builders. whatever your interest in the market, please take a minute to answer the questions below. I’ll let you know the results in a week’s time.

Note that after you press submit you might see a white screen. Don’t worry, just scroll up the page to get to the successfully sent message.

Survey now closed with more than 600 responses. Thanks to everyone who participated. I’ll share the results as soon as I’ve had a chance to analyse the numbers.

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6 thoughts on “SURVEY: Impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the Spanish property market?

  • Chris Nation says:

    Good morning Mark

    I filled in the survey and made a comment. When I hit ‘submit’ I was left looking at a white page. Did my effort fail to register? I was not logged in at the time. It didn’t say I should when I started.


    Chris Nation

    • Mark Stücklin says:

      Morning Chris. Your contribution arrived safely. You should have seen a message after submit saying “Thank you for your participation.” But anyway, just to let you know it worked. Some very interesting comments coming in. I’ll publish the results next week.

  • I completed survey last few days ago. Completed it as a potential buyer having viewed properties in early February in Malaga. I was considering still purchasing up until this week. Now with tight restrictions in my country I’m now changing my mind due to fact income will be effected long term. It may be worth running this survey again in few more months. Be great to gauge how its evolving. Good survey Mark. Im eager to see results.

  • Hi everybody
    Lets be sure to remember that since CD19 arrived 16million people have died across the world about 5000 of them were a result of cd 19
    We all know that those 5000 are extra to all that the current system is prepared for so we need all of the field hospitals and ventilators so all we need to do is get this organised, as everybody seems to be doing,
    When T,B was a problem in the uk they built hospitals for it.
    It’s great to see we are all doing the same .
    Just and opinion from me , high risk chronic bronchitis, but working out everyday to prepare my shit lungs!
    Justin from Marbella

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